The Galion Inquirer was established in September 1877 as a daily and has been housed in locations around Galion including Harding Way East, Portland Way North and North Market Street. The Galion Inquirer has outlasted three competitors and has always been the voice for local news, social news and political insight.

The original Galion Inquirer building was located at the northeast corner of Union and Main Streets. Hillman Jeweler's occupies that location today. The Galion Inquirer was founded on September 29, 1877 as a weekly newspaper. Circa 1911, the Galion Inquirer began to print a daily newspaper. The early owners were Jacob Meuser and S.G. Cummings, and Harry Samuel Zigler (H.S.Z.) Matthias served as editor. Matthias and his brother, George, later owned the business but sold it in 1904. After several changes, in 1932, the business was owned by W.V. Goshorn, Herman Ricker, and Edgar Kohl. In an interview with Doc Mansfield, Walter Mason noted the newspaper sold for 6 cents and he earned two cents per newspaper sold. (Information courtesy of the Galion Historical Society)

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