Galion ponders park projects: Survey in this month’s utility bill

GALION — What do you think of Galion’s park system?

What is it missing? What is already here that you don’t like? What would you add, or change, if you could?

After years of stagnation due to Galion’s fiscal situation, there have been some upgrades in recent years.

A disc golf course is at Amick Reservoir, the splash park facility (including a new restroom) opened this summer at East Park, a shelter house is planned for Amann Reservoir, the baseball facility at Heise Park adjacent the stadium has been improved.

But what about the future?

Enclosed in this month’s utility bill from the city is a survey about the park system.

“We have some park projects in mind,’ Galion Mayor Tom O’Leary said. “But we want to know what others are thinking.”

Community feedback will help set the importance of potential projects, likely to be paid with through the city’s 1.1 percent tax set aside for parks and recreation or Freese grant funding.

The survey is the first major step in that direction.

Parks and recreation is one of the reasons people live here,” O’Leary said. ‘We want to know what the public thinks. What’s most important to the people who use the parks?”

The city’s park system includes Heise, East, South, Cobey, PECO and Amann (and Amick) reservoir.

“There is a lot of potential at the reservoirs,” said Shirley Clark, head of the city’s parks committee. “They could be developed and become more of an asset to Galion.”

The city owns the two reservoirs, but they are not part of the city, so currently there is no sewer or water to those parks.

“It’s possible to get water and sewer out there, but it will cost some money,” O’Leary said.

There has been talk of a pedestrian bridge — possibly built over the dam at Amann — linking the two reservoirs.

“That would be a big help, especially for events like the big cross country meet,” Clark said.

The bridge is something that is kind of ‘outside the box.”

Residents are being asked to think outside the box, too.

What about a bike trail, or hiking trails, or a new all-weather, all-purpose facility that has been discussed in recent years?

Are those things needed, or wanted, or a waste of time and money?

“This is the first opportunity to get a feel of how Galion people feel about that ‘multi-sport indoor facility’,” O’Leary said.

Results gleamed from the survey will be taken into consideration when the capital improvement plan is generated. These changes would not likely be funded until 2017 and beyond.

Surveys may be mailed back with your utility bill, or dropped off at the Utility Office (115 Harding Way East) or the City Building (301 Harding Way East). An online version of the survey is also available on the City of Galion website.
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By Russ Kent

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