Galion and Bucyrus police reports-June 30

Staff report

Bucyrus Police

June 29

7:28 a.m.- Officers investigated a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Arrowhead Drive and Kerstetter Road.

10:01 a.m.- The owner of an East Charles Street property reported the theft of an area rug sometime in the past two weeks.

11:58 a.m.- Officers assisted a subject experiencing mental issues in the 1700 block of Marion Road.

1:02 p.m.- A resident of Euclid Avenue was advised of a noise complaint against them.

1:46 p.m.- Officers responded to a domestic dispute in the 400 block of Plymouth Street.

2:40 p.m.- Officers assisted Marion Police in the area of Pinewood Apartments.

4:41 p.m.- A four year old child was reported missing from the Bucyrus Plaza area. He was located and returned to his guardian.

5:06 p.m.- Officers assisted the street department in the 100 block of Washington Square.

5:07 p.m.- A disturbance was investigated in the 200 block of West Warren Street.

5:13 p.m.- A Bucyrus Plaza resident reported receiving nuisance telephone calls.

5:38 p.m.- A report of a dog left in a vehicle at Walmart was made.

6:05 p.m.- A domestic dispute was reported at Pinewood Court.

6:36 p.m.- A report of juveniles knocking on doors in the 300 block of West Irivng Street was investigated.

6:46 p.m.- A report of juveniles trespassing in the 600 block of Earl Street was investigated.

7:48 p.m.- A person was warned for trespassing at Clark Oil.

7:54 p.m.- An Elm Street resident reported receiving threatening telephone calls.

7:58 p.m.- A Hopley Avenue resident reported receiving harassing telephone calls.

8:05 p.m.- A report of a person trespassing at Walmart is under investigation.

8:20 p.m.- A report of juveniles possibly smoking was investigated in the 500 block of Rogers Street.

8:32 p.m.- An report of an unruly juvenile was made in the 900 block of East Rensselaer Street.

9:14 p.m.- A welfare check was made on a male that had reportedly cut himself. The man was fine and had not been injured.

9:37 p.m.- A report of loud music was made in the 1700 block of Marion Road.

9:40 p.m.- A report was made of two vehicles drag racing in the 800 block of South East Street.

9:54 p.m.- A suspicious vehicle was reported in the area of Hayes and Auto Avenues.

10:06 p.m.- A suspicious vehicle was reported in Oakwood Cemetery.

10:19 p.m.- Officers investigated a report of two suspicious people in the area of East and Lucas Streets.

10:56 p.m.- A report of people setting off fireworks in the 1700 block of South Sandusky Avenue was investigated.

11:00 p.m.- A report of a possibly intoxicated driver in the area of Failor Avenue was investigated.

11:11 p.m.- A resident of Heritage Circle reported his house egged.

June 30

2:08 a.m.- Officers warned four juveniles about curfew violation in the Beverly Drive area.

2:10 a.m.- A report of subjects trespassing on railroad property in the area of Charlotte and South East Street was investigated.

2:52 a.m.- Officers on patrol investigated three suspicious people in the Winchester Avenue area.

3:05 a.m.- Officers responded to an alarm in the 1600 block of Marion Road.

3:31 a.m.- A verbal traffic warning was given on Washington Square.

Staff report

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