Editorial: Easter

April 18, 2014

As I write this, all over Galion people are preparing for the big day: Men and women are cooking and cleaning, committees are decorating, musicians are practicing, pastors and deacons are writing and praying, florists are delivering and parents are shopping for last minute clothing needs.

Easter is tomorrow.

It is late this year, but perfect timing as we have seen trees finally budding and flowers exploding in color all over town.

Easter is a day to dress up, sing songs, hunt for eggs and baskets, take lots of cute photos and spend time with the family.

On this Easter, please consider attending a church service. Lots of great folks all around town have spent weeks preparing for the event and, as you know, there is no end to the ministerial and musical talent in our area. In this edition of our publication we have a list of churches and other faith communities. Give one a call, if you like, or just show up. They are ready for you. If you’ve been away for a while, maybe tomorrow is a time to go back and try it again.

Easter, after all, is about forgiveness.

Have a blessed Easter!