This week in Galion History

April 18, 2014

This Week In Galion’s History

by Noel Lizotte

Galion has a colorful and lengthy past. The events noted in this column are taken from the Galion Inquirer archives from years past. The focus will be items of personal or community interest from 10, 25, 50 and 75 years ago.

The week of April 20, 2004

Chad Allen and Michael Mason were pictured preparing decorations for the annual prom. Galion teens staged a mock crash to warn other teens of the dangers of drunk driving. Carrie Hoffer and Stephen Schreck were named prom King and Queen.

Former Galion head coach, Lee Owens, of the 1985 state championship football team, spoke at a dinner honoring Galion athletes.

The FBI took the lead of the Bill Bauer and the Galion city finance investigation.

Pastor Paul Walter and a group of church members from the Galion Free Methodist Church were pictured before their mission trip to Hungary.

Ken Tanner was pictured with the 95-pound catfish he caught in Belpre. The blue cat was 64 inches long.

The week of April 20, 1989

More than 75 children were tested during kindergarten enrollment for the Galion school system.

Quay Pharmacy offered Selsun Blue shampoo on sale for $4.19 and Murine contact lens cleaner on sale for $2.39.

Galion Community Hospital published zero admissions, 16 dismissals and one birth for Thursday, April 20.

The first annual Miss Galion beauty pageant featured appearances by Miss Ohio 1988 Susan Kay Johnson and the Northmor Knight Sounds musical group. 15 young women competed for the title, which Cynthia Fries of Cincinnati won.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Holtshouse celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary.

Letters to the editor focused on a proposed income tax that was slated to appear on the upcoming ballot.

The week of April 20, 1964

Crestline firemen fought a fire in the Pennsylvania railroad round house that caused $200 damage to a high wooden wall.

Galion joined other area cities in recommending an OSU site near PPG in Crestline. Despite a telegram to the board, the decision was made to place the site on Mansfield – Shelby Road north of Ontario.

Flippo the Clown was the entertainment at the Open House and Pancake Jamboree hosted by the Crawford County children’s home.

Fifty people crowded a city council meeting in Galion to complain about backed up sanitary sewers and flooded basements.

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Page celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Carl Watt bowled 604 for his top series at the Crestline bowling tournament.

The week of April 20, 1939

J.C. Penny’s advertised children’s velocipedes for sale: sizes for ages 2-4 for $2.98 and ages 3-5 for $3.98.

Lincoln Way Garage proprietor W.G. Roesch, 315 Harding Way East, advertised low priced cars. “Olds for only $777 and up.”

Lemley’s Grocery store, 123 West Parson Street, advertised fresh ground beef on sale for 20 cents per pound and chuck roast beef on sale for 19 cents per pound.

Galion High School announced the spring sports schedule. Matches included for the sports baseball, golf, tennis and track.

College students participated in a fad contest called gold fish gulping. Also being gulped on campuses were grasshoppers and small reptiles.

The Galion Schools had a record 12 sets of twins enrolled. A picture of all 24 students was printed in the Galion Inquirer. Donna & Carol Sherer, Mary Lou & Mary Ann Dougherty, Roberta & Robert Treisch, Robert & Rita McCormick, Mary Ann & Martha Hadsell, Rosemary & Rosalind Kuenzli, Bonny & Bobby Lake, Shirley & Donald Quay, Blair & Byron Musselman, Harold & Harry Baldinger, Geraldine & Gerald Sipes and Robert & Roy Veach.