Evergreen Tips

April 15, 2014

One of my favorite Easter decorations is the colored Easter grass used in Easter baskets. The rabbits and chicks are certainly adorable, but the look is incomplete without setting them in a bunch of grass! All those pretty colored eggs placed in a grass filled basket is a very traditional way to display these Easter icons. But the eggs look just as lovely nestled in colored grass in a glass bowl. I still like the green grass, but any of the colors work. Generally, I don’t recommend mixing together the different colors. I did, however, one year alternate layers of different colors in a large apothecary jar that I have. I used nothing else for filler. The effect was rather pleasing and something a little different.

I have also used colored grass in clear glass containers to hold stems of silk spring flowers. The grass helped support the stems plus it gave the arrangement sitting on the table a definite “Eastery” look. If you ever display bare branches in a container, consider hanging small bunches of Easter grass on them. The effect is much like colored Spanish moss! A few birds perched on the twigs would be a nice finishing touch. Don’t forget to add at least one small nest. It is spring after all! Another alternative for the branches would be to hang artificial egg ornaments.

I know what you are thinking … you find colored grass a bit messy to use and enjoy. There is the original type grass which works better any where the grass must retain its shape (formed into a nest or hanging off branches for instance). The newer version of grass is more “free flowing” and less likely to tangle. This version might be easier to reuse the following year. I keep some of both varieties to use depending on the application. I find it always easier to place any Easter vignette involving the colored grass on a tray or adequate sized plate or mirror. It is so much easier to move the arrangement intact with less clean up of stray grass.

Susan Gimbel is owner of The Evergreen Co. in Uptown Galion. Visit the website for additional information about the store.