Gardeners learn about farming in Liberia

March 21, 2014

Nathan Brause, district supervisor at Crawford County Soil and Water Conservation District, shared his experiences traveling to Monrovia, Liberia, as part of the “Farmer to Farmer Mission Trip,” an outreach program of the United Methodist Church in Ohio. This year Brause and his teammates taught farming economics concepts to people interested in moving back to the countryside followng years of civil war which eliminated the country’s food-supply infrastructure. Before they returned to Ohio, the team also taught workers how to repair and maintain a tractor which had been donated previously. Since the team’s return, their Liberian contacts have reported successfully clearing several acres of tillable land. The program was part of North End Garden Club’s “Gardening Around the World” series this year. For more information about upcoming meetings, call Diane Bell at 419-468-5965. (photo submitted)