Evergreen Tips

March 7, 2014

Susan Gimbel

I don’t think Spring can get here fast enough! This winter has been a long, cold one. I believe we all are ready for Mother Nature to slip out of her white frock and dress in her best and brightest shades of green! Green truly can be a versatile color. Its shades range from the lightest sea foam green to the darkest forest green that borders on being black. I assure you that you can find a shade of green that speaks to you; a shade that you can be comfortable with.

Throughout history, there has always been some shade of green that has “caught our fancy” and we have used it extensively. Remember the avocado green from the 60’s and 70’s? Recently, bright apple green has been very popular in everything from clothing to paint to Christmas decorations. This fresh, youthful green is a favorite. It adds a bit of zing to home furnishings and clothing alike.

Some hue of green is compatible with just about any color. This compatibility makes green a staple color in the home and in the closet. All one has to do is look at nature; green abounds. Plants whether real or artificial are a wonderful way to increase the color green in your home. If you do not have a “green thumb”, try to find faux plants that are realistic in both look and texture. A good artificial plant or wreath or arrangement may cost as much or more than the real thing. But keep in mind that the faux plant should last a very long time….it will be worth the investment to purchase the better quality plant.

The presence of green in the home can also be increased by adding green throw pillows, vases, wall art, etc. But enough said about the praises of the color green for our homes. Don’t forget the “wearing of the green” for St. Patrick’s Day! If you have a scarf or some jewelry decorated with shamrocks, wonderful! Have fun with this! You will look forward to wearing these items year after year when March 17th rolls around. But if you don’t own any, you better find something green to wear lest a leprechaun seeks you out and gives you a pinch!!

Susan Gimbel is owner of The Evergreen Co. in Uptown Galion. Visit the website for additional information about the store.