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March 7, 2014

Leesville Grange News

Master/President Donald Graf presided over the meeting for Leesville Grange #2078/Crawford Co. Pomona Grange #36 which met at Jefferson Twp. Fire Dept. on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 6:30 PM. Chaplain Dorothy Eckert offered prayer.

The Legislative report was on prayer in schools. Also read was letter from AARP regarding protecting Social Security benefits. Farm bill has been passed.

The Family Activities Chairperson report was the State Baking contests of whoopie moon pies and pepperoni roll-ups will be held at the next meeting. There will be three National Grange quilt contest categories, quilt block square, pillow and table runner. All using the flower basket pattern. When purchasing grocery items, please check the country of origin.

The Deaf Activities Chairman read an article on the ear’s ability to capture sound.

Community Service Chairman thanks all who brought items for Crestline Food Pantry. The Grange is nominating Bucyrus First Methodist Church for community service by an organization.

Lecturer’s/Community Service conference will be held at the Ohio State Grange Office in Fredericktown on April 12.

Communications were received from Master/President Gary Brumbaugh, Edythe Walter and Ed Cochran, co-chairmen of National Grange convention requesting donations. The Grange voted to give a monetary donation. Received newsletters from Crawford Park District and Filling Home of Mercy.

Tentative plans were made for the Crawford County Pomona Grange banquet.

Lecturer’s Program theme for the evening was “Resolve, Survive and Live-A Little Bit of This and That”. It pertained to New Year’s resolutions, frostbite, hypothermia, and kite flying. A contest was held to name the candy after being given a clue.

The next regular Leesville Grange meeting will be held at the Jefferson Twp. Fire Department on Tuesday April 1 at 7:30 PM. Lunch will be sandwiches and jello. Bring pop tabs, Campbell Soup bar codes, box top labels, eye glasses, lens and cases.


The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Tent 91, Galion, met for its regular meeting, Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at the home of Lois Rinehart. Meeting was conducted by President, Cathy Brown.

Communications included the form from the Crawford County Veterans Council concerning the grant money, an email notice from Mary Coleman, Dept. President, telling of her medical status and a letter from Dept. Chief-of-staff, Melanie Baker, about the fundraisers for the convention.

Relief report consisted of: 3 flowers for deceased, 9 personal visits, 71 cheer cards sent and 139 volunteer hours.

Discussion was held on the Department Convention. Our tent has volunteered to plan and carryout the Campfire on Friday evening at the convention. Plans are in the works.

For the “Good of the Order” an article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer titled “The Sketchbook” was read. It was about Johnson’s Island.

Mystery gift was won by Melanie Baker. Refreshments were served by Melanie Baker. Next meeting will be held at the home of Lois Rinehart on April 1, with Lois serving as hostess.

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