Letter to the Editor - Cerar

February 28, 2014


Tuesday’s meeting of Galion City Council was the best since May of last year, and the first time the entire assembly has given a truly professional appearance since the new form of government has taken charge of the city.

Instead of the constant tension and conflict that dominated city sessions for the past nine months, there was a relaxed, business-like manner that was refreshing. Council members were polite, helpful, pleasant, and just the right amount of humor kept the discussion going in a positive direction. They are also looking more at the details of things, now.

The appointment of Mr. Watt as Council President was a wise choice, and has made a tremendous difference in the tone and atmosphere of the meetings. Everyone in the room appears much more comfortable.

Perhaps our City Council has finally found its legs.

They aren’t out of the woods, yet. There are still tremendous challenges in the immediate future that will require a focus on the details. There are still some things that need to be worked out.

It’s not an easy job.

We are encouraged, and we encourage them to maintain this new attitude, and their dedication to the business of public service.

Bob Cerar