Crestline Village Council meets

February 28, 2014

By Nathan Crock

Inquirer Correspondent

On February 24 Crestline Village Council held their final meeting of the month. During that meeting a number of ordinances were discussed. Village Administrator Marc Milliron gave an update on the money owed for the West Bucyrus Street water line project. He said that signatures have been found for the $70,000 that Sunrise had agreed to pay. This takes some of the finical responsibility off of the village. Mayor Dave Sharrock had several things to talk about during the meeting as well. He thanked the snow removal team for their recent snow removal efforts from the recent storm. He also thanked all those who turned out for the Crestline high school cancer awareness night this past weekend. Another thank you he had to extend was a thank you for the recent Galion/Crestline Chamber of Commerce chamber night out at Shenanigans recently. Several meeting dates were announced during the council meeting. Parks and Playgrounds next meeting will be March 24 at 6 p.m., Finance will meet next on March 11 at 5:30 p.m., and the legislative committee will meet March 3 at 6:30 p.m. Mike Blaising of the street committee gave updates on a few projects going on around town. He said the Patterson Street bridge project will be going out for bids next week. Blaising also said that the traffic signal on Park Road is close to being done. They will be taking a traffic signal from over by the post office and using that. It was also announced that the village is looking into buying a dump truck for $125,000.

There were several ordinances on the agenda. The first of which was 3084 which was moved from a second reading to an emergency. It was passed and allows for appropriating additional money in the village water fund to repay the state of Ohio for the recent West Bucyrus Street water line project. The next ordinance on the agenda was 3086 which was passed and will allow for bridge inspection program services for the village. This ordinance states that the state shall assume and bear 100 percent of all of the cost for bridge inspection program services requested by the village and agreed to by the state. The Local Public Agency (LPA) shall cooperate with the Director of Transportation on this. 3087 was next up. This ordinance is meant to create a table of organization for personnel within the village. This ordinance talked about how many hours city workers would have to work, how many days they would get off for holidays, sick pay, and how many workers each department would be allowed to have. After some discussion this ordinance was tabled so that council could take a better look at the details of the ordinance. Ordnance 3088 was next on the agenda. This ordinance established compensation for various employees of the village. Departments included in this were police, fire, service, water and waste water operators, and administrative workers. This was voted on and passed. One ordinance that was in its first reading was ordinance 3089 which declared that the leaving of written material upon residential property without the consent of the owner, tenant, or person lawfully in possession constitutes a nuisance. This matter was not voted on since it was in its first reading. It will go into its second reading at the next council meeting.