Kiwanis receives grant and hears from YMCA trainer

Nathan Crock Inquirer Correspondent

January 31, 2014

On January 28 Kiwanis held their final meeting of the month. Talk of current projects started off the meeting. The chili supper at Wendy’s is coming up on February 11. Posters on the event are currently going up around town. Members are signing up for shifts and selling tickets for the event. Additional places to advertise for the event were discussed which included church flyers.

The little free library was also discussed during the meeting. On February 11 during the business meeting Kiwanis members are asked to bring in a book to donate to the little free library which is located outside of the YMCA building in Galion. There are currently about 15 books in the structure. They are currently in need of children’s books.

Also during the meeting Kiwanis member Amber Wertman of the United Way of Crawford County presented President Doug Greene with a check for a grant for the imagination library.

The guest speaker for the day’s meeting was Jamie Tate who is a personal trainer at the Galion YMCA and gymnastics coach at Mid Ohio Gymnastics. Tate said she got started in physical fitness at a young age. As a child she participated in gymnastics and cheerleading. She now helps others get into shape through her vast knowledge of physical fitness. As a physical fitness personal trainer at the YMCA she helps to make people stronger mentally and physically. Tate said the mental strength carries over and helps to push people forward in their workouts. She also spoke about several of the programs that she has been a part of. One of those was the Buddy Challenge. This began when she helped a man by the name of Buddy Walters get into shape. He ran a 5K in 28 minutes and lost 40 pounds during this time. She also worked with a woman who started off running a 5K in 47 minutes, but after the 11-week challenge she was able to cut 17 minutes off her time and run it in 30 minutes. Tate helped her to do this by building endurance.

Tate has also worked with a 73 year old man who has come a long way since she started working with him. He was given one minute to do six different exercises. He started off with an exercise where he was doing 13 small step lunges and has now worked his way up to 31 large step lunges. Right now Tate is teaching the New U training program at the YMCA. This is a 6 week weight loss challenge for members only. Through the use of dumb bells the class is designed to tone and firm muscles. The class meets for an hour on their choice of Tuesdays or Thursdays. The work out is the same on both days. Along with working with the YMCA and Mid Ohio Gymnastics Tate also teaches Sunday school. Head of the Galion YMCA Terry Gribble was on hand for the meeting and had a few things to say about Tate. He said that she is very good at inspiring people with her high energy approach and that she embodies the YMCA theme of mind, body, and spirit.