Letter to the Editor

January 28, 2014

To the Editor:

To the men and women of our city who work all hours of the day, night, weekends, and holidays to keep the lights on, roads clear, water clean, THANK YOU. And a big thank you to your families too, who I’m sure would rather have you home. This criticism is not aimed at you.

To the Mayor and/or whomever is responsible for clearing the roads - What gives? I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in the job that was done to clear the roads Saturday and especially Sunday. I was driving between the hospital and my home on the North end, Sunday around 6:30PM. Even the state highways looked as if they had not been plowed for hours; but, it had been hours since the last gust of wind or snowfall. There was at least 6 inches of snow in the center of Harding Way, and icy ruts on Portland Way.

Does a level 2 snow emergency absolve the street department of trying to clear the roads?

Do we not have the resources to keep the roughly 6 miles of state highways clear through the city?

Do we not have two plows capable of gang plowing both the center turn lane, and the outside lane at the same time?

Are we out of salt? Out of money to buy more salt? Or just afraid to use it?

This is not only a safety issue, but appears to be yet another management lapse by the new city government. I also feel strongly that the City needs to continue to work on ‘keeping up appearances’. Appearing that we do not own salt plows continues to diminish our ability to attract and retain both businesses and residents to our otherwise wonderful city.

Thank you,

Chris Williams