January 24, 2014


It is true what you may have heard. I did resign my post here at the paper last week. My boss from Troy came to Galion and asked me to reconsider. We walked to The Big Plate, had a little shop talk, exchanged a few issues, and found a few solutions. He shared with me what will be happening in the next year with our new parent company (Civitas Media). He told me I had more freedom in my job than I thought. He opened a door in my mind and said he was my go-to guy. Most important of all he answered all my questions and taught me a few new things.

I told him I would stay and we shook hands. As we walked back to the paper I realized that all I had needed was a little encouragement and direction. I didn’t really want to stop working at the paper. I have a lot of fun here. At lunch I said “Hi” to a dozen people. Each time I waved, my boss smiled. He knew I didn’t want to quit. He knew I had the bug that would never go away.

It’s not about the job, it’s about Galion. It’s walking on the sidewalk along Harding Way and waving to those folks I know. It’s holding up traffic for a moment on Boston as I share what my family is up to car window to car window. It’s about walking in to Geyer’s to buy donuts and seeing people I haven’t seen for a long time and remembering stories I need to write.

It’s the conversations about family, hospital visits, and family members passing. It’s about bragging on good grades in school, sharing plans for the garden in the spring, asking advice about a new furnace or computer, talking about the game, complaining about gas prices, joking about sins of the past, wishing each other well in the day ahead and showing off the pictures of the grandkids.

It’s the “Morning!” from the staff at the bank. It’s the police call heard on the scanner that turned out to be a false alarm. It’s the report from the sheriff that the bad guy was caught.

It’s about church, school, clubs, politics and gossip. It’s about how Galion fits into the rest of Ohio and how a small town can make a difference to the world.

It’s about making connections, meeting new people, helping out, giving to a good cause, standing up for someone when the gossip starts, pitching in and speaking up.

It’s about working to make our community a little bit better and the dedication to continue.

I’ll be staying as editor for now and trying to bring you as much news as we can in the most understandable way we can. I’m here most days. Give me a ring.