Interim Superintendent update from the Buckeye Central BOE

January 15, 2014

The Buckeye Central Board is pleased to name Mr. Todd Martin as Interim Superintendent, effective immediately. Mr. Martin is and will continue to be the full-time Superintendent of the Colonel Crawford Local School District while assisting Buckeye Central on a part-time, as-needed basis. Mr. Martin stated, “I am happy to help out and fill in temporarily while the board conducts a search for a new superintendent.”

Mr. Martin brings administrative experience, small school atmosphere and local ties to the position. The BC Board is confident this interim arrangement will work because of the strength of the BC staff and community, as well as the professionalism of Mr. Martin.

We wish to acknowledge the Colonel Crawford Board and community for allowing Mr. Martin to help Buckeye Central for this short time. Your neighborly gesture and cooperation will not be quickly forgotten.

The BC Board will begin a search for the full-time, long-term replacement of the Superintendent. More details about the search and opportunities for community input will be forth coming. During the interim, Mr. Martin can be reached through the BC Administrative Office at (419)492-2864 or by email at

The Board of Education wants to promote openness and communication with community members. We appreciate this opportunity to provide facts, thoughts and background on a current issue and look forward to community members insight, comments, questions and ideas of other issues to address. Until additional communication avenues are available community members should contact Pres., Missy McDougal at (419)492-2507 or or Vice Pres., Steve Aichholz at (419)492-2715 or