An introduction to the Inquirer’s new site

January 13, 2014

Matt Echelberry

Inquirer Reporter

In the fall of last year, the Galion Inquirer received a new website. While the web address is still, it has an entirely new look and several features were added.

On the homepage, Top Stories continue to be featured. Below that, there are links to the most recent story posted in the categories of sports, opinion and local features.

Items added to our new site include local gas prices, which are updated daily to give Galion drivers notice of when to fill up—or when to avoid the pumps.

Photo galleries are another addition that we did not have on the former website. To view photos that have been posted, click on the “News” tab and scroll down to the Photo Galleries section. Recent galleries include The Art of the Brick at the Mansfield Art Center, two “year-in-review” albums, Christmas photos and a tour of the Big Four Depot.

Site visitors may also notice a listing of upcoming events on our homepage, and anyone can post events to the list. Just click the “Add Event” link that appears below the event listing.

The new site also features audience polls, local announcements, classifieds and television listings.

An e-edition of each print issue is also available for subscribers, which is accessible on tablet devices. Please call our office if you are interested in more information.

Google Analytics recently provided statistics on the website’s traffic from the period of Dec. 9, 2013 - Jan. 8, 2014.

11,337 people visited the site during that period, bringing our total visits to 28,254. Sixty-percent percent were returning visitors, while just under 31 percent were new visitors to the site.

Galion’s population, according to 2012 census data, is an estimated 10,500, meaning the website’s reach extends beyond the city limits. In addition to residents of Polk Township and other parts of Crawford County, people who previously lived in the area and relatives of Galion residents use the site to keep up with Galion news.

Obituaries made up 14,314 of total page views, making it the most popular feature. Top Stories came in second place with 11,413 views, followed by the news and sports pages.

Our reprint of the story on the history of Millie’s Diner, originally published in 2011, was a big hit by itself, with 775 views within the time period the statistics were gathered.

The average number of pages per visit was 2.67 and average duration of time spent on the site was 2:03, which is longer than sites of our sister newspapers (with a similar audience size).

This data only reflects the main website, not the Inquirer’s Facebook page.

Be sure to visit us today! We are continually working to improve our readers’ online experience, so suggestions are always welcome.