Anyone Remember …

January 10, 2014

1. Pizza Surprise

2. Religious education

3. Mr. Shuck’s bow tie

4. Nutty Bars for a quarter

5. The parachute in gym class

6. Party at Amann’s!

7. Roller skating on Thursdays

8. Wilma Crall

9. Rubinoff the violinist performing at Renschville

10. Tetherball

11. Playin’ “King of the Hill” on the monkey bars

12. Scalding hot metal slides on the playground in late Spring

13. Pizza Chef

14. “Red Rover, Red Rover …”

15. Larry Daly

16. Naps in kindergarten

17. Each of the elementary schools having their own 5th and 6th grade flag football and basketball teams

18. Pep rallies for the Renschville teams with Miss Lyons playing the piano in the gym

19. The 1973-74 sixth-grade class at Renschville that had 75-plus kids and three teachers in it

20. Sneakin’ into the Galion Triplex on bicycles, ditchin’ the bikes when inside, and runnin’ ‘round the complex all night as the owner of the place tried to catch us

21. Reader’s Haven

22. Borden Burger

23. The Big N

24. Clancy’s: Hamburgers, 29 cents (limit 10); Cheeseburgers, 39 cents (limit 10)

25. The City Little League Championship Series that had the top team from the Heise Park (National) League play the top team from the South Park (American) League in a best 2-of-3 series for the city title before several hundred people at each game.

26. The Bonnie and Clyde car on display at the Public Square

27. The American Freedom Train comin’ through town in 1976

28. The time capsule

29. Lob ball

30. Martha Wheatcraft

(list by Jon Kleinknecht)