Mrs. Foust’s 2nd Grade Class

December 20, 2013

Dear Santa, Hi Santa. I would like a phone and a ipod and a Furby and a Ohio Stay Shirt. Love, Loralye Parsley

Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Paul. I would like a ipod. A Madden NFL 25 for Christmas. I would like a Nurf gun for Christmas. How are your raindeer. to Santa. from Paul Cramer

Dear Santa, Hi! How are you. I hop you are great. I am and I forgot on my Christmas list to put LaLaLoopsy doll and a Rudolph Stufft animal and a Zoomer and a Furby and a guitar and a Real Phone pleses! Love, Cherish Mote

Dear Santa, Hi my name is Hailey. I would like a big Barbie house and a Monster High a phone, rambo rubber bands, a Zoomer microphone radio, a ipad, a BDS for Christmas. Love, Hailey Young

Dear Santa, I went to have a one Direction doll. I went to have a American Girl doll. I wut to have a Doc MC Stuffing. Kerry Tanner I Love You.

Dear Santa, I want a puppy. I would also like some loombans. I have question. Is Rudolph real. By the way our Christmas tree is peretty. Have a Merry Christmas. From, Ava Ball

Dear Santa, Hi Santa, How are you doing. I want a ipod and a wrestler. And I United States Champion belt. So pleas if you can that send it over. Merry Christmas. Love, Jayden Adams

Dear Santa, I am Michael. I would like a game for Christmas it is called Medal Gear Solid and an ipad. From, Michael Downing

Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Jonathan Sturgill. I want 18 beyblades. From, Jonathan Sturgill

Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Jayden. I would like a reindeer for Christmas. I hope a have a grat time with your family. Can you lyv some cooys left on Christmas Eve. You give your kise some presints to give your wife one presint to Make sher you give kids some cookys to. From, Jayden Copley

Dear Santa, Hi! How are you. My name is Samantha. I hope you have a good holiday. I want a 3ds and a ipad, a furby to if I get it I will be so happy. Love, Samantha Sherman

to: Santa Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Aubrianna. I would like a furby, guitar, a monster high, ipod, zoomer and a webken, plese. Love, Aubrianna Franks

Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Mason. For Christmas I wold like a 3 DS. Because it can fit ene DS game. Santa are your raindeer ok. Have a grand Christmas. To: Santa From: Mason Diaz

Dear Santa, Hi My name is Alissa. I wot a Zoomer 2. And how are your rader going. And I wut my famle to have a good Christmas. Your friend, Alissa Heckert

Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Kael. For Christmas I want a orange sweatshirt that has a gray football on it. How are your reindeer. Your friend, Love, Kael Longwell

Dear Santa, For Chrismas I want a Ipod and army men and a drum set and a tool kit lalae toys and ton camo cholers. Sined Trenton Haney

Dear Santa, You shud take a Holday this year. The resein is that I don’ t want you to work so hard. Santa do your raindear pefe carits, appls or Both? Does Rudlph egsist? How do you get all the toys aroud in one night? How you cairy all those toys in one sak? How old are you? I’m eight. From: Racheal Abail Sparks

Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Wyatt. How are the reideer and Rudolph? Is the sleigh ready? I would like a Furby and a microphone with a toy radio. Is Mrs. Claus okay. Love, Wyatt Estep

Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Jazzlyn. Do you like cookies and milk. I whant a zoomer for Christmas and a flipezz and stompede an a Ipad and a pone and a most erhigedool. Love, Jazzlyn Beecham

Dear Santa, I wat a rel ipad and a American Girl doll and a big Jeep, Barbies Dream House and a lot of Barbies. I wat lo monster highs and I wat a castle of blocks and playdough pak prpl blocks.. Jazmyn Thompson

Dear Santa, How are the raindear dooing? How are you doing? I want a new halla kitte hat and a furby and a teddy baer. I hop you have a relly good Christmas! Your friend, Gladys