Letters to Santa

December 20, 2013

Dear Santa, I really want a horse that can walk and bowl and stop from Barbie and Barbie goes on the horse. And a red rig for my mom. And for Jeff. M. a Indian flag. Love, Taylor

Dear Santa, I want a lego hero factory rockui for Christmas Santa. Tojo wants a rc helicopter. Brooklyn wants a zebra coat. Carter wants a transformer. Mom wanta a new car. Dad wants a basketball. By: Cole Fairchild

Dear Santa, The people who are poor I want to give them money. And I want a new skateboard. An I also want some roller skates. By: Gabe Ivy

Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is 100000 days off of school and a new PSP. Also I want to give the poor people candy. Love, Matthew Kostelnik

Dear Santa, My mom wants a letter of love. My dad wants a oh jod My brother and sister want a blue and pink rasor beds. My pet rabbit nens a loiger herness. I want a pupy. From, Anna Sharp

Dear Santa, I want semitrucks. I want legos. I want hot rod cars. I want rocka. I want xbox 360 and skylanders. I want a remote control car. I want a pick up truck with a boat. Love, Brayden Barker

Dear Santa, I know you don’t have this in your bag but I want the gift of love. Love, Alyssa Tammer

Dear Santa, Feliz Navidad! I want a ipad to do math and all of the monster high dolls. I want to get my mommy the truck she wants. I want to get my Aunt Debbie a reel barn. I want to get my mama a dolphin. I want to get my papa some cars. Love, Abby Fannin

Dear Santa Claus, I would like a elf to wauch me. 1000 books about my mommy and a cd about chare. And my sis cruchies. and a baby sister that lives with me. Love, Cheyenne Davis

Dear Santa, Feliz Navidad! Can I have an xbox 360 with a game called left for dead one and two it’s, a zombie game. And an ipad please can I? And a semi truck for my friend. Love, Landon Justice

Dear Santa, I want a zoomer and legos. and a lego china guys and rocka. and air horn. and a xbox 360. and skylander swap fource .and dragon bolt. Love, Jareel Brown

Dear Santa, My friend Anna wants a pupy. I want a ipod. My mommy wants a soing machine and cloth and a needle and some string and my dad want’s a rig! Love, Kira Bush

Dear Santa, I want a monster high doll and a stuffed animal and a new dork diary books, Arthur books, and a loom band set, and a new glasses case. From, Jaidyn Amore

Dear Santa, I want 2 monster high dolls both of there names are Draculaura and Spectra. I want littlest pet shop. I want clothes. My mom want internet. My brother wants a ufc ring. I want a shelf elf. I want a kittin. Love, Natalie Cotton

Dear Santa, I would love a billon Joann Frabic gift cards. And all the 1D magazens. And a bag ov rootbeer suckers and and a happy new year! Love, Makenzie Lehman

Dear Santa, Santa I want a beyblade. My mom wants a steelers blanket. My dad wants a life is good shirt. From, Levi Graham

Dear Santa, Santa I want Jusidamce 2014. A Barbie Dream House. And I want to keep my Elf’s Sneaky and Little Elf. They are the best elf’s that I would ever have in my life. So would you let me keep them. I love them really much. I love you Santa. Love, Cerilia Elizabeth Camppen

Dear Santa, I want a Barbie Just Dance 2014, I want a good elf not a bad elf like Chrisfur. I want books like Arthur and Pig Pig books. I want my efl to get a Galion t shrte, Love, Hanna Nichole Perry

Dear Santa, I want you to give my dad a computer. And I wont you to give my mom a black and white camrue. And I want you to give Scott a bear set. And I want you to give Matthew a trash pack set. And I want a nale set and a panda hat. Love, Autymn Bennett