Letter to the Editor - Farina

November 22, 2013


The Friends of the Galion Public Library would like to thank the Galion community very much for our successful book sale in October.

The proceeds from our bi-annual sale (May & Oct.) are distributed to the library so that the library may continue to provide the community with up-to-date and interesting programs for both adults and children. Through the community’s generosity, some of the more popular recent library programs offered have been: the Zombie Prom for teens, the “eBay Basics” class for adults, and after-hours putt-putt golf in the library for children.

Although the book sale sets fixed prices for the different types of materials sold, many patrons have donated money beyond the requested prices. They deserve a special “thank you” for helping the library continue its quest for high quality.

Remaining unsold books from the book sales are distributed to various appreciative non-profit organizations who are in need of reading materials. (Donated books that are too damaged even to be put in the sales are used for “book art” craft workshops at the library.)

The Friends of the Library would also like to thank the many businesses, banks, and organizations who helped with their time and expertise in our profitable raffle of OSU vs. Indiana football tickets. With their help, we were able to have a very successful fund-raiser… and a very happy winner!

Our “12 Days of Christmas” raffle is going on now, with the drawings to be held on December 18th. Prizes are on display in the library lobby and tickets are available (1 for $1, 6 for $5) at the Main Desk of Galion Public Library, 123 N. Market St., Galion.


Sandy Farina

President, Friends of the Galion Public Library